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The Pampered Pooch Dog Grooming Salon

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The pampered pooch is based @ Glebe Farm, Astbury, Congleton in Cheshire.

Established in 2007



Services that we offer are


  • Clipping and scissoring of all breeds to standard or to your specifications
  • A doggie MOT (bath and a good brush)
  • Nails clipped, ears cleaned and plucked and glands done (on request)
  • A de-shedding treatment, with or without a bath
  • Just a brush

All breeds and sizes welcome

Even naughty dogs are welcome too!

A one on one service, only taking in one dag or a family of dogs at a time.

No cages are used, just a comfy bed!


When your dog visits us for a full clip or groom he/she will receive the following treatments:

• Thorough grooming to remove all dead hair and tangles and whatever else your dog may have picked up while walking!

• Nail cutting – keeping the toenails neat and stops the risk of long nails catching or growing back into the pad.

• Ear cleaning – many breeds require the hair to be plucked from the ear canal to prevent ear infections and ear canker – all dogs have their ears cleaned to remove wax and debris.


• Bathing – all dogs are bathed using high quality shampoos and conditioners. We stock a range of products and will select according to your dogs coat and skin requirements. If you have a shampoo recommended by your veterinary surgeon, bring this with you for us to use.

• Styling using clippers and scissors – whatever breed of dog you own there is something available to suit them. However, feel free to speak to us about you and your dogs individual needs we aim to provide you with a trim that suits your lifestyle and provides your dog with a comfortable style.



Doggy MOT’s

Book your dog in for a complete service!

You may wonder what is an MOT?

This is quite simply a bathing service with a difference, it's a grooming services that offers bathing and this is exactly what you will get however an MOT offers a lot more such as:

• Thorough grooming prior to bathing to remove dead coat and tangles
• Nail trimming
• Ear cleaning and plucking if required
• Bathing and drying
• Coat conditioning spray


MOT Prices are as followsSmall dogs from £10
Medium dogs from £20
Large dog from £30
Giant dogs £50

MOT’s are ideal for dogs that do not need a full grooming service but would benefit from a good grooming and freshen up or could be for dogs in between trims that just need a spruce up! All shapes and sizes welcome. Great for moulting dogs and short haired breeds

this price may vairy for different coat lengths.

These prices are for unmatted dogs, there may be a small extra charge for dematting

There is also an extra charge for moulting dogs.


Extra Charges!


Although we realise that grooming is hard work and we don't dont mind getting our hands dirty. If we find that your dog is very matted and it takes much longer for us to do the job, you will be expected to pay an extra charge, this will be no more than £5 - £15 depending on the size of your dog. if you are worried about how much the groom will cost you, we will give you the price upon inspection of the dogs coat before you leave.





Please be honest with me with you make an appointment so i can book you in at the end of the day giving me chance to clean throughly and flea bomb the grooming room.

Flee treatments are £15 extra. Please treat your dog prior to the appointment with a product like frontline 48 hours prior to your appointment, allowing it to absorb into the skin before bathing. I will remove all eggs and dead fleas etc and shampoo in flea shampoo.

Please remember to treat your house too! Fleas love warm places so make sure bedding is washed, and treat even places like radiators, setees. Otherwise your dog will come back clean of all fleas and eggs, walk back into the house and they will all jump back on again!


Aggressive dogs

After years of grooming i have learnt many techniques for grooming an aggressive dogs.  And i have had great results in rehabiltating dogs, with patience from me and you, the owner.

If a dog is found to be aggressive then it may be restrained and muzzled, i also like to try changing its way of thinking with treats and praise. but if it is impossible to complete the work then you will be requested try and help as dogs tend to be calmer sometimes when the owner is there. But when your dog gets too stressed then you willl be asked to bring the dog bac. at another time, trying to finished on a nice note when it leaves, sometimes its better to come back a number of times to try to get the dog used to the proceedures. It may also be advised that you stay with your dog and assist. It may also help to bring the dog down prior to your appointment and let him get used to the surroundings and just have a fuss and treats maybe a brush.

I will not turn away an agressive dog. but please let me know about it before hand, while i still have a hand!



There is no extra charge for puppies but they do tend to take longer as everything is new, the greatest care is taken to try to let the dog enjoy the experience for both the dogs sake and for ours too. We also offer a puppy introduction, where you are welcome to bring your puppy to the salon to have a look around and let your pup get use to any of the tools, hair dryer, clippers etc, these we tend to use the opposite end and run it along the dogs back and legs to get it used to the feeling, while having a fuss, so there not so big and bad when it comes to it. you can also help by useing an electric toothbrush. these are 10-20 minute sessions and are free of charge.

your first appointment for a puppy is as soon as it has finished its injections, even if its just for a look around to get used to the smells etc


Collection and delivery


This service is available for a small charge depending on where you live



I am also a fully qualified aromatherapist with 10 year experience in which I made my own natural products. Although I am not qualified in dog massage I have reasearched into it and practised on my willing subjects (my dogs) which went very well I also did Bruno's phyisotherapy when he had spinal problem. So if there is anything I can do to help either you or your dog please do ask. It would be most suitable for skin disorders and muscular/arthritus problems. i have also had good results for the likes of nervous dogs too, helping them relax